Crane Hill Farm

The Farmhouse is situated on a small working farm - sheep, cattle and horses.


There a currently around 120 Easycare sheep can be seen wandering on the hillside If you visit in springtime enjoy watching the lambs as they bound and play. There may be the opportunity for bottle feed and a quick cuddle.


As its a small farm we opted for small cattle and have a herd of Dexters . These are the smallest native bred to the UK - standing less than 4 ft high. 


Joe and Sid are the two large horses. Joe is an Oldenburgh and stands at 17HH2 will Sid is a Dutch Warmblood at 16HH2. Both are friendly and love carrots and apples.


The farm is also home to lots of wildlife. You can't miss the rasp of migrant guinea fowl - they wander between the neighbours looking for tasty grubs to eat. Harry Hare makes an occasional appearance - spring is the best time. Its not uncommon for fallow deer to meander through the farm, its always a treat to see these elegant animals .


In the tall trees a wake of Buzzard nest - they can be seen soaring higher and higher on the thermals to identify their prey. Other birds-of-prey include Sparrowhawk, Kestral and the rare sighting of a Red Kite


Evening brings new residents - we have an abundance of rabbits hopping and nibbling. Freddie fox may be elusive but never far away - look out for him skulking in the hedgerows and if you're very lucky you may see badgers'


A family of Little Owl live adjacent to the farm and can be seen but more frequently heard as they 'shreek' as they hunt for supper and tawny owls can be heard 'twit twooing' to each other across the valle.


Guests of the Farmhouse have exclusive access to the top of Crane Hill. This affords magnificent views across Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Wales.



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